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    The Badia di Passignano (The Abbey of Passignano), located in the Chianti Classico region, is an ancient monastery dating back to 395, when it was established by the archbishop of Florence.
    Even today it is still inhabited by monks of the Vallombrosian Order, who remain the guardians of their cultural and historical treasures.

    The Vallombrosian Order, a reformed branch of the Benedictines specializing in grape growing and forestry, was founded by Saint Giovanni Gualberto, whose relics have been located in the church of the abbey since his death in 1073.
    Since the Middle Ages, the Vallombrosian monks and the Badia di Passignano are known for their attention to classical and musical texts, for having promoted scientific research (Galileo Galilei taught there in 1587), and for looking after the surrounding land by means of cultivation, especially grapevines, and reforestation.


    The Osteria di Passignano, born in 2000, was founded by Marcello Crini, a great connoisseur and enthusiast of the traditional Tuscan cuisine and wine culture; and Allegra Antinori. The Antinori family owns the vineyards around the Abbey, from which the Chianti Classico Reserve wine “Badia a Passignano” is produced, and which is aged in the cellars beneath the monastery.
    The Osteria di Passignano rediscovers and represents the places so rich in tradition and passion for wine.


    The Restaurant Osteria di Passignano open on May 14th 2021

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    The Osteria’s menu varies according to seasonal availability in order to guarantee the freshness and quality of its ingredients. Our young but expert chefs start with traditional Tuscan recipes and then add imagination and creativity to come up with new culinary combinations. They select the best raw materials to work with: from the stone-ground organic wheat used for making the bread and our fresh pasta to the “Cinta Senese” pigs raised in the wild in the woods at “Bruciato”. This property is in Bolgheri near the Guado al Tasso Estate, which is also owned by the Antinori family.

    Personally looked-after by Marcello Crini, the Osteria’s wine list offers a much sought-after list of wines, including old vintages from among the most significant wine producers in the world.
    The passion that guided Marcello in this selection is evidenced in the pages of the Osteria’s wine list.


    Badia di Passignano offers a vast array of Antinori wines, including old vintages and rare bottle formats. Besides the wines, the Bottega also offers olive oils originating from the Tuscan estates of the family, and jams and truffled delicacies from Procacci, the historic and renowned delicatessen of Florence, owned by the Antinori family since 1997.


    Inside the Bottega it is possible to taste a much sought-after selection of wines: those produced on the Antinori family’s estates, and a vast range of other labels on hand.


    The Wine Shop La Bottega is open every day, except Sunday from 10.00 am to 7.30 pm. We're closed on Sunday.




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    From ceiling to vault, the old wine cellars of the abbey, today host about 2000 wooden barrels where Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is aged; produced from the vineyards surrounding the monastery. Visiting these historic and evocative sites completes the wine tasting experience with an immersion into the “heart of the Chianti”.

    The guided tour is followed by a tasting of four wines.

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    The Osteria organizes every day a lessons into the brand new KitchenAid workshop "Fonte de Medici". This cooking school was born in order to better acquaint you with the most typical recipes of traditional Tuscan cooking. It is open to all who are passionate and curious, enabling you to prepare certain specialties together with the Chef.

    The class is followed by a tour of the ancient wine cellars of the Badia, at the end of which an aperitif is served before going to have a meal in the cozy atmosphere of the Osteria. There the dishes prepared by the “students” that day are tasted, paired with the best wines.

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    For this year we are also happy to offer you a series of incentives and opportunities to spend some time in this corner of the Chianti region.

    These activities are aimed at all those who love to drink and to eat well; at those with a passion for cooking and for wine; or simply  all who decide to spoil themselves a little.


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    Located between Firenze and Siena, in the heart of the Chianti Classico region.


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